To queue a message for delivery in the future, create the message and then:

  1. Click the Message Options icon.  
  2. In the Delivery Options section, set the "Do not deliver before:" date and time.
  3. Click the Close button.
  4. Click the Send button, even though the message will be sent in the future.
  5. The message is moved to your Outbox.
    Note: If you open your Outbox, you will see the message summary in italics. Notice that the Sent date is the date/time you clicked the Send button to queue the message — not the date/time it's actually going to be sent.
    If, for any reason, you open a message that is queued for future delivery — to change it or whatever — you will need to click the Send button again; otherwise it will no longer appear in italics in your Outbox — nor will it ever be sent.
  6. The message will move to your Sent folder when the future date/time arrives.
    Note: The message will still retain the original date, but when the recipient opens the message, the future date/time is displayed.
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May 23, 2016