This article is intended for IT Administrators. If you are not an IT Admin and have questions about your password/passphrase policy expiration policy, contact your local IT support for more information.

The default password/passphrase policy sets the expiration of HawkID passwords at 365 days.  In order to apply stronger password/passphrase policies that reduce the expiration date to 180 or 90 days, groups and/or IDs need to be added to a Global Group with the following naming convention: PPE-ADMIN180-OU-OU (for example, PPE-ADMIN180-ITS-HD).  

Once the IT Admin has built the strong password/passphrase group, send an email to with the group name and request that it be added to the appropriate policy group: Iowa-PWD-180-Strong Policy or Iowa-PWD-90-Strong Policy.  

NOTE: Now that the default expiration period is 365 days, it is more important than ever that IT Admins communicate with users before the user object is added to a strong password policy group, to prevent potentially locking the user out of the domain.

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May 19, 2016