1. Go to https://imagine.microsoft.com/
  2. Click 'sign in' in the menu bar toward the right
  3. If you have previously setup a Imagine account (this is NOT a Microsoft Live ID) enter your email address and Imagine account password, click 'Sign In' and skip to #18
  4. If you have not previously setup a Imagine account, click 'Create an Account'
  5. Enter any email address you'd like to use. This can be your @uiowa.edu address, but it does NOT have to be
  6. Select your preferred language
  7. Select United States for Country/Region, if it was not the default
  8. Enter any password longer than 6 characters and with at least 1 special character you would like
  9. Click 'continue to verify'
  10. On the Get Verified Now screen, select the radio button to 'Get verified through my School'
  11. After clicking the radio button, the enter school name field will appear
  12. Type in University of Iowa and select the option for The University of Iowa Iowa City, Iowa, United States and click Continue
  13. Type in your University of Iowa @uiowa.edu email address, generally it is firstname-lastname@uiowa.edu, type it in again in the confirm field and click Verify
  14. You will get a green message that says, "An activation e-mail has been mailed to you. Please follow the instructions in the e-mail to get your account verified..."
  15. This email generally shows up very quickly but can take up to 24 hours and may be filtered to your junk mail folder, so be sure to check there. If you are certain you did not receive the verification email, it's not in your junk mail folder and it has been longer than 24 hours, you may contact Microsoft support via the web form at https://catalog.imagine.microsoft.com/en-us/Support/Contact
  16. Once you do receive the Microsoft Academic Verification email, there will be a link to complete the process.  Click the link in the email.
  17. After logging in or verifying your account via the email successfully you will see a screen that says 'Congratulations'
  18. Click 'Map your Accounts' in the lower right corner
  19. This will take you to a Sign In screen. Sign In here w/ your Microsoft Live ID and password if you have one or click 'Sign up now' in the lower right to create a Microsoft Live ID if you choose to have one or click the 'Sign in with a single-use code' if you'd prefer to not have  Microsoft Live ID
  20. You will then be taken back to the Imagine home page and you should see Sign Out toward the right corner of the menu bar
  21. In the menu bar click 'software catalog'
  22. Click the software package that you would like to download.  This will take you to the details of that software.
  23. Select your language, depending on the software pack you may have to select version (i.e. 32 or 64 bit or web installer) and click the green 'Download' button
  24. Next follow step 1 on the 'Get Your Software in 4 Easy Steps' page to download the SDM
  25. After downloading double click to run the msi to install the Secure Download Manager
  26. On the 'Get Your Software in 4 Easy Steps', go to step 3 and click the orange 'Download' to down the sdx.
  27. After downloading double click the sdx file to open it, and it should open in the just installed Secure Download Manager.
  28. Click the green 'Start Download' button and the software package should begin to down to the default downloads folder on the local drive. If you want to change the download location, click the blue 'Change Location' link prior to clicking the green 'Download button'
  29. Once the download has completed, click the green 'Lauch' button and you will be taken to the .iso or other file type for your selected software.
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Last updated: 
October 14, 2016