Unified Messaging - Outlook Voice Access can read your meetings to you.

  1. Call into the Outlook Voice Access mailbox by dialing your Outlook Voice Access number 71660 (on campus) or 467-1660 (off campus) and login to your mailbox.
  2. When prompted say Calendar, say what day:
    Some examples:
    Calendar for Today
    Calendar for Tomorrow
    Monday's Calendar
    Calendar for March 15th
  3. You have many options while listening to the current meeting:
    Meeting Details - to hear the date, time and meeting location
    Next - to listens to details for your next meeting
    Next Day - will advance to the first meeting on the next day
    Call Organizer
    Cancel Meeting - you must be the meeting organizer to cancel it
    Accept/Tentative Accept/Decline
    Clear My Calendar - Cancel all meeting for the day.
    I'll be Late - then tell how late: "I'll be 3 minutes late",  "10 to 15 minutes", or "I don't know"
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February 2, 2018