1. Go to the LISTSERV Home Page
  2. Click Log In
  3. On the Login Required screen, enter your e-mail address and password.
  4. Click the Log In button. When you login the first time you will be returned to the main list archives page, but with a different toolbar at the top - with more options.
  5. From the List Management dropdown menu select List Dashboard. The List Dashboard shows all of your lists.
  6. Select the list you wish to edit.
  7. Click on the list archive you wish to edit (e.g., January 2015).
  8. Find the message you wish to delete and click the Trash Can icon.
  9. Click Confirm when prompted "Are you sure you want to delete this message from the archives?  Once deleted the message is permanently deleted and cannot be recovered".
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Last updated: 
May 26, 2017