Unified Messaging Voicemail allows you to record 2 primary greetings.  A default greeting for normal use and a greeting that lets callers know you are away for an extended period of time.  These greetings are NOT tied to your Out-of-Office autoreply or to your Free/Busy/Out-of-Office.  The voicemail greeting must be changed separately.

To record or change your voicemail greeting using Office 365 OWA.

  1. Open your browser and Sign in to Office 365 http://office365.uiowa.edu  Do NOT use the Light version for this.
  2. Select the Mail tile
  3. In the upper right corner, click the gear button, then select Mail located under "Your app settings"
  4. On the left column, expand/open General - Voice mail
  5. On the Voice Mail tab, under the Greetings section you can select the greeting to be played:
    * Default voicemail greeting  or
    * Greeting that lets callers know I'll be away for an extended period of time.
  6. To Play or Record a new version of the selected greeting, select the greeting that you would like to change then click the Call me to play or record the selected greeting... link.  
  7. The greeting will be played for you. 
    Press 1 to accept the greeting,
    2 to re-record the greeting, or
    3 to delete the greeting and use the default system generated greeting.
  8. You can hang up the phone when done or press * to return to the Main Menu.

To record or change your voicemail greeting from a phone.

1.  Call 71660 (on campus) or (319) 467-1660 (off campus).  Enter your mailbox number and pin.

2.  Say "Personal Options" (or press 6 if touchtone access is enabled). 

3.  Press 2 to record greetings.  Select 1 to record your standard greeting, press 2 to record your Away greeting, or 3 to record your name. 

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February 2, 2018