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Mobility and interactivity in the classroom is a growing necessity at the University of Iowa. Standing at a podium delivering PowerPoint is no longer the best option for some faculty in many courses.

In flipped classrooms in STEM disciplines, faculty often need to create quality lecture content that involves hand drawings and the illustration of complex formulas in real-time.

Other instructors want to move around the learning space making changes to PowerPoint or other lecture technologies while engaging students and course content simultaneously.

In the hands of faculty – and students - tablets, wireless input devices and smartphones could allow:

·      Improved classroom management

·      Freedom from the podium

·      Display of student work to overhead projectors for discussion

·      Handwrite over presentation slides

·      Advance presentation slides from anywhere

In addition, piloting tablet and wireless input use enables University staff gain enhanced knowledge of these technologies and allows for development of appropriate support strategies in anticipation of wider faculty demand and adoption.

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