Choosing Graphic Application

The recommended method of working with the brand elements are to use a vector based application like Illustrator. Photoshop is also a suitable application for working with the brand elements and should be imported as a vector “smart object” using the vector files (EPS, AI or SVG). Keep in mind that photoshop is generally a resolution dependent (raster) graphics application meaning your artboard and resolution should be determined before working with the branding elements and should be appropriate for the medium you are choosing to work on.

General Guidelines

  • Leaving ample space around the logo or wordmark will provide emphasis and is a recommended practice.
  • Sufficient color contrast increases readabilty and should be taken into concideration, especially on dark backgrounds.
  • If the brand elements are to be used in print the min. resolution should be set at 300 ppi.
  • If the brand elements are to be used for screen printing a vector file should be used and complex gradients should be avoided.