Cloud Services

Cloud services such as Dropbox, EverNote and many others are becoming more popular and many people are looking to make use of them as part of their University work.  While these services can be very easy and often inexpensive to use, there can be a number of concerns related to security, data classification, support and other considerations. 

The University of Iowa IT community has developed a strategy statement regarding the use of “cloud computing” for institutional business purposes. Cloud computing refers to any externally provided, outsourced, or vendor hosted information technology.  This strategy will guide all decisions to utilize either vended cloud solutions, or purchased and locally implemented solutions to meet administrative, academic, and research computing needs.  It informs the University community of the principles that are important to achieve optimum risk management and the best financial, security, feature set, and availability outcomes for our information technology.  The following items describe our institutional strategy:

  • Cloud and local solutions are evaluated on a case-by-case basis
  • When solutions offer equivalent financial, security, feature set, and availability outcomes, favor the local solution.
  • Enterprise grade cloud services and applications are always favored over consumer grade cloud services and applications.
  • We will employ the most cautious use of cloud solutions when high sensitivity (Level III) institutional data is involved, or when high availability (criticality) of the application is necessary.
  • Contracts with cloud providers are extremely important and will be carefully evaluated to appropriately manage institutional risk.


Additional Cloud Information