Wipe a Mobile Device in Hawkmail OWA - Article 3844

If your mobile device is lost, stolen, or otherwise compromised, you can use Remote Security Administration to issue a remote wipe command for your device from Hawkmail Outlook Web Access (OWA). This protects your identity and sensitive data by removing the information from your device. It is also a good practice to wipe a device that you are no longer using. Issuing a remote wipe command will remove all synchronized information and personal settings from the device and return it to its original factory settings. This procedure applies to, but is not limited to, any iPhone, iPad, iTouch, Droid, and Windows Mobile devices that are configured to synchronize with a Hawkmail mailbox through Exchange ActiveSync (EAS). This feature is provided for the convenience of Hawkmail account users.  ITS will never use this feature without the consent of the user. 

  1. Log into OWA at http://email.uiowa.edu with your HawkID and password.
  2. Select Options | See All Options in the upper right corner of the display.
  3. Select Phone in the Navigation Pane on the left.
  4. Click the Mobile Phones tab.
  5. Select the device to be wiped.
  6. Select "Wipe All Data from Phone."
  7. Click OK. The Status will change to Pending Wipe.  All data on the device will be erased as soon as it connects to Exchange Hawkmail through your wireless provider.
  8. After the device has connected to the Exchange and the wipe has been started,  the status for the device in OWA will change to Wipe Successful and you can remove the device from the list.  Be advised that it will take about an hour to wipe the device.
  9. Click, "Remove Phone from List."
    Note: After you wipe a device, remove it from the list of mobile devices to avoid repeated wiping of data when you sync or restore.
  10. A recovered device can be added back to the list of mobile devices by initiating synchronization from the device.

Note: Since it’s customary to immediately cut off data network access when a device is lost or stolen, the exiled device will never be able to receive its wipe command.  Be sure to issue the wipe command before you contact your carrier to turn off data services. Android phones using a product like Touchdown may only erase synced data instead of returning the device to its original factory settings.

Remote wipe will only remove data from the device selected in step 5.  Your Hawkmail account on the Exchange Servers will not be changed.

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