UCC Core Scheduling

UCC Core Facilities

The Core Facilities include 3 different areas in UCC:

  1. The UCC Conference Center
  2. The UCC Executive Boardroom      
  3. The UCC Breakroom

First priority users are the University President and University VP's or Provost.

Second priority users: Mall University Departments, Deans. 

Third priority users:   Other University departments  

Student Organizations:  Eric Rossow (eric-r-rossow@uiowa.edu/335-3059), in the Center for Student Involvement & Leadership, has asked that all registered student organizations go through the IMU for their space needs.  If the IMU cannot accommodate your student organization's request, Eric will make the space request on your behalf.

The UCC Conference Center

The Conference Center consists of four rooms plus a kitchenette and coatroom, and is located on 2nd floor across from Public Health.

Seminar Room

 2520D UCC                  Phone:  384-2151

Seating:  The Seminar Room will seat approximately 60 people.  The tables are movable to allow flexible seating. If you choose to move the furniture in the Seminar Room, please return it to its original configuration when you are done.

Technology:  Internet access; Windows PC; projector and screen; DVD and VHS; document camera

ITS Training Room

2523 UCC                     Phone: 384-2175

This space is managed by ITS.  ITS will have first priority for scheduling this room but will make the room available to others when not in use by ITS.

Seating:  There are sixteen student desks with both Windows and Mac computers plus one instructor station (at this time, there are only eight (8) Mac computers).  The tables can be configured in different layouts by prior arrangement.

Technology:  Internet access; Windows and Mac computers with HD displays; multiple projectors and screens; DVD and VHS 

Conference Room B

2520B UCC                   Phone: 384-2161

Seating:  This space will hold 16 people at the table.

Technology:  Internet access; Windows PC, projector, and screen. 

Conference Room C

2520C UCC                   Phone:  384-2162

Seating:  This space will hold 16 people at the table

Technology:  Video-conferencing site:  Internet-based video-conferencing, and virtual meetings and classes.  Mobile video-conferencing equipment:  single, flat panel display with internet-based videoconferencing. 

The Executive Boardroom

2390 UCC                     Phone:  384-2742

As part of the purchase agreement, the Old Capitol Town Center owners have access to the room on Monday and Thursday from 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Seating:  Twenty people can sit around the boardroom table.  There are ten additional seats in the room.

Technology:  Internet access; Windows PC; projector and screen; DVD and VHS 

The UCC Breakroom

Daytime use is intended for the UI mall occupants to give employees a space to eat lunch without having to compete for the tables on the first floor.  The space is also available to other University units in the evenings for special events, or late in the day after normal employee break times for retirement functions, etc.

Seating:  There are approximately 47 chairs and 11 tables in the Breakroom.

Scheduling the UCC Core Facilities

ITS is responsible for scheduling the Core Facilities. To schedule a particular room, contact ucc-core-scheduling@uiowa.edu

Scheduling Support is provided by

Mary Grabe (335-6311)

Sue Fangman (335-6305)

Technical Support is provided by ITS-TechServices@uiowa.edu

If problems arise, call 4-4357 and ask for the Technical Services staff (Mike or Amir)

ucc core space map

Steps for accessing the Event Management System via the Internet (Virtual EMS)

  1. Enter the URL https://scheduling.uiowa.edu/imu/BrowseForSpace.aspx in your Web browser.
  2.  At this screen, use the scroll bar at the right to scroll  down to the University Capitol Centre information.
  3. You can use the “Filter” button or green arrows to navigate the calendar 
  4. If you find a time that works, send an email to ucc-core-scheduling@uiowa.edu (be sure to include an event name).

We are unable to provide technical support after-hours and on weekends.

The UCC Core Space is a "self-service" space. You are responsible for tiding up the space when you are done.  If you choose to move the furniture in the rooms, please return it to its original configuration when you are done.

ucc second floor map


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