If you receive the following message when trying to download and install Read&Write Gold for Mac from the Software Download Site, there is a security setting that needs to be adjusted to allow the file to be downloaded properly to a Mac computer. The following steps will temporarily disable the Mac's Gatekeeper Security settings and allow the successful download and install of Read & Write Gold. You must be logged in with an administrator account for this procedure.

Error Message


  1. Go to the Software Download Site and log in with your HawkID and password
  2. Select Read&Write from the options
  3. Under the Macintosh section, choose Read&Write Gold 7.1
  4. Open the file RWGold_7.1.dmg and drag the Read&Write logo to the Applications folder
    Window on Mac with Read&Write logo on left to drag into Applications folder on right

  5. If asked for administrative credentials, select Authenticate and then enter your admin username and password
    Mac requesting administrator name and password to modify Applications

  6. Read&Write Gold will begin to install. Once complete, navigate to Finder and then open Applications and then open Read&Write. If prompted if you want to open an app downloaded from the internet, choose Open
    Mac prompt asking if should open Read&Write since it is downloaded from the internet

  7. Accept the User Terms
  8. When prompted to log in, choose Sign in with Microsoft
    Read&Write sign-in screen showing Google Microsoft and more options
  9. When asked for your email, enter your HawkID@uiowa.edu in that format
  10. When at the HawkID login, it will auto-fill your HawkID@uiowa.edu, keep that and enter your password and verify your login through Duo Two-Step Security
  11. If prompted to allow permissions for your Microsoft account to be used with Read&Write, select Accept
  12. You can now use Read&Write Gold on your Mac
  1. Click on the System Preferences icon
  2. System Preferences
  3. Go to Security & Privacy
    Security and Privacy Option
  4. Click the lock icon and enter your password to make changes
    Click Lock Icon
  5. On the General tab under Allow application downloaded from: select Anywhere
    Anywhere Option
  6. Click Allow from anywhere when prompted, then close the Security & Privacy window
  7. You will now be able to download and Install Read&Write Gold for Mac. Once Read&Write Gold has been successfully activated, you can reset Allow applications downloaded from: back to App Store and identified developers by following the same steps outlined above.
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October 25, 2019