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IT Professionals
There is no charge for use of this service.

The Hawk Alert system is used to transmit brief emergency messages to all or part of the University’s population as quickly as possible. Emergency notifications are sent via phone (office, home, mobile, or SMS Text) and/or email (campus or personal) if those communication modes are enabled.

Emergency notifications may include but are not limited to:

  • Bomb threats or other imminent violent threats
  • Fire alarms, natural gas leaks, and hazardous spills
  • Building evacuations and lock-downs affecting the entire campus
  • Biological or pandemic emergency notifications
  • Natural disasters
  • Power outages and utility failures resulting in an imminent threat
  • Campus closure due to declared civil emergency

An integrated component of the Hawk Alert system includes desktop notifications sent via Alertus. For more information, see this FAQ.


ITS holds training for Public Safety Dispatchers, UIHC emergency management personnel, and other campus emergency designees, several times per year.

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Services scheduled for maintenance over the next 7 days. Please refer to the calendar view of alerts for a complete schedule.
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Hawk Alert Contact Information

Contact Ryan Lenger, ryan-lenger@uiowa.edu, or Steve Troester, steve-troester@uiowa.edu