Information Technology Services (ITS) offers a wide range of technologies and services to enable research and scholarly work at the University of Iowa.

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The ITS service catalog offers a wide range of computing and technology services and resources for researchers. 

High-performance computing (HPC) increases productivity by significantly speeding up scientific computations. In one case, a cancer researcher was able to reduce the time required to run a simulation from an estimated 10 years down to two weeks. ITS provides training opportunities related to high-performance and scientific computing, along with the support of an HPC Wiki.

Are you a scholar in need of storage for all of your research data? ITS has access to various managed data center spaces on campus, and we can help you identify the best location for your files. For data management, UI researchers have access to the secure, web-based application REDCap.

If you’re interested in utilizing technology in your research but uncertain which service might be the best fit for your project, ITS offers consultation for researchers. Technologists can work with you on grant applications, or to identify the best IT solution for projects that require developing new capabilities or combining resources from two or more of our existing services in a novel way. 

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