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High performance computing is focused on providing researchers with tools to solve computationally intensive problems. Some common uses of the system are computational fluid dynamics, molecular modeling, bioinformatics, and climate modeling.

In collaboration with other units on campus ITS-Research Services runs and supports the Argon HPC system which is composed of approximately 15,000 processor cores and 100 GPU accelerators.

Periodic training opportunities are posted on the HPC site or contact the HPC team for more information.

For more information about high performance computing at the University of Iowa please visit the HPC website at http://hpc.uiowa.edu/

Getting Help

Please email research-computing@uiowa.edu with support requests or view the HPC site for the latest system updates.

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High Performance Computing - HPC Contact Information

General HPC Help Requests - research-computing@uiowa.edu

Sai Ramadugu - saikumar-ramadugu@uiowa.edu

Glenn Johnson - glenn-johnson@uiowa.edu