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Friday, July 5, 2024 - 2:48pm

LinkedIn Learning is an online training library that provides access to thousands of online courses on productivity, web design, graphic design, photography, programming, coding, and more. It is available free of charge to all University of Iowa students, faculty, and staff.

Campus technical trainer Alex Hammes is currently working on his MBA at UI. He has watched LinkedIn Learning courses on Python, Excel, and financial reporting. 

“There have been times where I have been stuck on an assignment late at night and it has been very helpful to have 24/7 access to a tool like LinkedIn Learning,” Hammes says. 

Instructional services specialist Kirsten Morris says LinkedIn Learning provides flexible opportunities to improve skills, which can be helpful to talk about during performance reviews or in networking situations. 

“For employees, LinkedIn Learning feels like a really cool perk,” Morris says. “We get free access to this awesome library of learning. For instructors, it’s like, here’s an extra tool in your teaching toolkit.” 

LinkedIn Learning integration on ICON

You can easily add LinkedIn Learning video content to your ICON course as an assignment or as a part of a page using the LinkedIn Learning ICON integration. Learn more about the integration in a virtual informational session on August 14 at 11 a.m. Find additional information about the session, including a link to the Zoom meeting, on the UI Events Calendar.

Morris says LinkedIn Learning is a good source for enrichment and supplemental information on ICON courses. 

“LinkedIn Learning will make it simple for instructors to add engaging content to their courses and monitor students’ progress with that content,” Morris says. 

What’s popular on LinkedIn Learning at UI?

In June, the UI community viewed 14,848 videos on LinkedIn Learning. Here’s a list of some of the most popular content for UI learners this past month. 

  1. Excel Essential Training (Microsoft 365) 
  2. Learning Canva 
  3. Power BI Essential Training 
  4. Customer Service: Serving Internal Customers 
  5. Python Essential Training 
  6. The Leap to Leader: Go from Management to Leadership 
  7. SQL Essential Training 
  8. Microsoft Teams Essential Training 
  9. Think Faster, Talk Smarter: Master Impromptu Speaking 
  10. Project Management Foundations