Comparison of login screen designs
New screens like the one shown at right echo the look of current UI websites and have behind-the-scenes improvements over their predecessors (shown at left).
Friday, November 18, 2022 - 1:14pm

Students, faculty, staff, and others logging into University of Iowa online applications, websites, etc., will notice a change starting Monday, November 21.

The screens where users enter their HawkIDs and passwords are getting a fresh look and a performance upgrade.

The change—implemented by the university’s Identity and Access Management team—echoes the look of current UI websites and supports “dark mode” preferences. It also incorporates behind-the-scenes improvements largely invisible to users.

The new designs will be deployed on most HawkID-authenticated sites and services. A few heavily customized applications will be unchanged for now but converted in early 2023. Some health care systems will be unaffected.