Thursday, May 13, 2021 - 8:20am

Microsoft will end Office 365 support for Internet Explorer 11—the last version of the web browser once included with Windows computers—this summer.  

Internet Explorer (IE) users should switch to another web browser in order to keep using Office 365 and other web-based applications. Secure, fully supported browser options for Windows include Microsoft Edge Chromium, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox. 

To facilitate this change, ITS Enterprise Client Management will automatically disable IE 11 as a full browser on centrally managed Windows computers starting June 1. As of June 1, Windows users should adopt Edge, Chrome, or Firefox as their default browsers. 

If you use a university-managed Windows computer, Microsoft Edge Chromium and Google Chrome should already be installed on your system. Mozilla Firefox also should be available on non-health-care systems. 

You may need to set the browser of your choice as your default. You also may wish to migrate your favorite links to the supported browser you choose. 

If you use a personally owned and managed computer and continue to use IE, you will no longer be able to access Office 365 from IE starting August 17. You should switch to a different browser. 

Microsoft Edge Chromium includes an IE mode for compatibility with some older websites. If you regularly use sites or web-based apps that require IE, Edge may be your best bet. IE mode will continue to work in Edge even after the stand-alone IE browser is disabled. 

For more information, see Microsoft’s announcement. If you need help switching browsers, contact the ITS Help Desk