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What is the Research Data Collaboration Service?

RDCS helps University of Iowa (UI) researchers share data with internal and external collaborators. ​Globus is currently the platform UI uses for high-speed data transfer.​

Who may use this service?

  • Researchers who need to share large data sets​
  • Researchers and units supporting research data sharing and movement at UI

RDCS Service features:

  • Globus is the most commonly-used tool for research data transfer among institutions.​
  • Seamless integration with Large Scale Storage (LSS).
  • Principal Investigators can directly manage who has access to data.​
  • Outside collaborators register for a Globus account to access data (they do not need to apply for a HawkID).
  • User interaction/interface is similar to cloud drives like OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. (i.e. easy to learn and familiar).​
  • Can transfer data to and from internal UI researchers, external collaborators, external HPC resources (XSEDE, TACC), internal UI storage services (LSS, HPC, and external storage services (Amazon S3, peer institution)).​
  • Can share data publicly​.
  • Basic use of the service is free.

What types of data are supported?

Please refer to the Data Classification Guide for more information.

  • Public: data that is public or published with no restrictions. Examples include published "white pages" directory information, maps, academic course descriptions, and news releases.
  • University-Internal: data that is non-public or internal data. Examples include official university records, financial reports, unofficial student records, and de-identified research data. 
  • Critical – Export-Controlled: U.S. defense-related data where disclosure to a foreign national must be prevented. Examples include military items, space-related technology, and technical defense data.

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