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U-Iowa stakeholders who wish to use the high-performance computing (HPC), storage and other resources managed by ITS-Research Services, or that seek the expertise of our support personnel, are welcome to request a consultation. One-on-one or team consultations can be scheduled with ITS-Research Services by contacting research-computing@uiowa.edu.

Consultations frequently assist with (but are not limited to):

  • Determining which HPC resource is best for an application, which could include:
    • Locally-hosted: Argon or the Interactive Data Analytics Service (IDAS).
    • External cyberinfrastructure, such as the HPC funded by the National Science Foundation or other U.S. agencies. 
      • Help with applying for research allocations on XSEDE HPC systems. 
      • Guidance with optimizing workflows to run efficiently on on larger systems or in the cloud (public or private). 
  • Data management and sharing plans: We can introduce you to campus experts who specialize in the specific documents you are preparing. 
  • Data analysis: Help with identifying available tools and implementing best practices.
  • Storage: Advice on the most secure short-term and archival solutions that are supported on campus. 
  • Scientific software: Introduction to what we currently support and how to request new software.
  • Compliance: We can advise regarding policies and regulations associated with technology and data.
  • Grant writing: We will help with proposal development of computationally and data-intensive projects.
  • Concierge Services: Referrals to other campus IT services that support research.
  • Unique, one-of-a-kind problems.

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Danny Tang


(319) 335-5752


Sai Ramadugu


(319) 335-5330