You will receive an email message from the Campus Software Office with your new license code after you have paid for the license. You do not need to uninstall the software on your computer, just update the license code.

Using the License Authorization Wizard

Note: You need to have an Internet connection to authorize your SPSS license code.

Note:  You need to be logged in with an Administrative account to license SPSS on your Apple computer.

If you don't launch the License Authorization Wizard during installation or cancel the License Authorization Wizard before obtaining a license, you can launch it by choosing License Authorization Wizard icon in the IBM/SPSS/Statistics/2... subfolder in the Application folder.

The License Wizard will automatically open into a License Status window which reports the SPSS products currently installed and licensed to operate on your computer.

Select Next. The Wizard will proceed to the Choose Licensing Method window. Choose License my product now.

Select Next. Enter one or more authorization codes and select Next. You can authorize more than one SPSS product in this step by selecting Enter additional codes. Each authorization code must be entered in the same format as that provided on your annual license (upper/lower case rules apply).

Select Next to send the license authorization request. Please allow sufficient time for your computer to open an Internet connection and establish a connection to the SPSS license verification server. This may take only a few seconds or several minutes if the server is busy. You will receive a progress report showing each step of the authorization process.

Select Next and the final window will appear, showing that the licensing has been completed. On this page you will see all the products you have installed and the new expiration dates.

Select Finish and you are now ready to use the SPSS product or products that you have licensed.

If you have questions or need assistance in executing these instructions, please contact the ITS Help Desk at 319-384-4357 or send an email message to

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December 16, 2016