L-Soft Video tutorial for setting up your Listserv login

The first time you see the screen Login Required, you will have to create a LISTSERV email address and password. LISTSERV allows you to set one password for all of your lists. The passwords can be up to 260 characters in length and contain the characters A-Z 0-9 $#@_-?!|%. This password is unique to LISTSERV. It is not synced with your email or HawkID password.

  1. Click Register Password
  2. On the Register LISTSERV Password screen, enter your email address and desired password. The email address you enter must match the From: address supplied by your email system, usually firstname-lastname@uiowa.edu. If you are unsure, send yourself an email and check the From: line.
  3. Once you enter the required information, click Register Password
  4. You will see the following message: Your password registration request has been accepted. For your protection, the password will not be activated just yet (anyone could have completed this form using your email address). To activate your password, simply follow the instructions that have been emailed to you.
    Please wait until you receive a message from LISTSERV saying "Your new password was registered successfully" before trying to log into LISTSERV.
  5. Once your password has been registered, click Log In.



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Last updated: 
August 22, 2022