Once you have subscribed to the list, you can post messages to the list through the web interface or by sending an email to listname@list.uiowa.edu.

To send via e-mail:

  1. Create a new message
  2. In the To field, type the name of the list (e.g., listname@list.uiowa.edu)
  3. Type the subject and text of the message 
  4. Click Send

To use the web interface:

  1. Log in tp Listserv.
  2. On the LISTSERV Home Page, select the name of the list you wish to send a message.
  3. Click on Post New Message.
  4. The Send Message page will appear.
  5. Type the Subject of the message.
  6. Type the text of your message.
  7. Click on the checkbox next to Send a copy of the message to yourself.
  8. Click Send Message.
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October 17, 2017