If the list configuration settings are set to:
Send= Editor,Hold,Confirm,xxxx

The editor/moderator will receive the following message:

This message was originally submitted by SenderFirstName-SenderLastName@UIOWA.EDU to the
LISTNAME list at LIST.UIOWA.EDU. You can approve it using the "OK"
mechanism (click on the link below), ignore it, or repost an edited copy. The
message will expire automatically and you do not need to do anything if you
just want to discard it. 

The above message will include a copy of the message submitted for your approval.

To approve the above message, either

Click on the URL provided 


Reply with just "ok" as the body of your message (only if HOLD is specified on the Send keyword)


Or use the LISTSERV Web Interface to approve the message:

  1. Log In to LISTSERV
  2. Select List Dashboard
  3. You will see the following message, if messages are waiting for approval: There are currently messages awaiting moderation on lists for which you are listed as a moderator. Please see the table below for more details. Follow the "Edit Table" link to select the lists that you want included in this report.
  4. Click the listname.
  5. Select the message to moderate.
  6. Click Approve or Reject


The posting will appear to come from the original sender, senderfirstname-senderlastname@uiowa.edu.

You can also edit the message and resend it to the list, but the posting will appear to come from you, the editor, Editorname <EditorFirstName-EditorLastName@uiowa.edu>


If you always need to edit the messages before sending them on you can change the list configuration headers to (remove the HOLD):


See the List Owner's Manual, section 15 Moderating and Editing Lists through Email for more detailed information.

L-Soft's video tutorial - How to moderate email lists in LISTSERV

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April 25, 2022