In the following rooms on campus the AV control panel is a dual-projector environment:

  • Biology Building East 101
  • Chemistry Building W128, W228, W290
  • Seamans Center 2217, 2229, 3505
  • Trowbridge Hall 125
  • Van Allen 70, LR1, LR2

 The left podium monitor (usually the Smart Podium) will always show the computer. The right podium monitor will show the extended desktop, laptop and document camera, when those sources are selected.  There is also an "Enhanced Source Selection" button.

Dual Projector Control Panel Main screen

The "Enhanced Source Selection" button brings up a menu which allows an instructor to control each of the two projectors and two monitors independently.  

Enhanced Source Selection

For example, this option would allow an instructor to use PowerPoint's Presentation Mode by selecting "Extend Desktop" for the two projectors and "PC" for the two monitors.  

We welcome all feedback: or 319-335-1976 (5-1976). 

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May 19, 2016