Cloud Services Overview at the University of Iowa

There are a lot of requests from colleges and business units wanting to use “cloud services” for storage, collaboration, office automation and general computing tasks.  The most important part to understand is that University data must be properly protected.  Most consumer cloud storage services (e.g. Dropbox, Box) are only suitable for Level I data (the least secure).  While consumer services may be easier to use, they are not generally recommended for storing University data. 

General Considerations for Using Cloud Services

Cloud File Storage FAQ

How do I classify my Data Level?

Overview of UI Supported Storage and File Sharing Services

Compare Supported Storage and Sharing Options

Overview of UI Supported Collaboration Services

Overview of Services for Researchers

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If you are interested in a specific service or vendor and have questions/concerns on whether or not to use a service, contact the Information Security & Policy Office.

If you have questions about software licensing or to start the software acquisition process to negotiate a purchase agreement, contact the Campus Software Program Office

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September 15, 2021