In an effort to save you time and stress, let's talk about where to look for missing SharePoint items. Here's how it all works and what you should do, before contacting ITS.

It's important to note that within SharePoint, each user has a site/user Recycle Bin and only that user, or a Site Collection Administrator, can view the contents of their Recycle Bin.

Only the person that deleted the item, or a Site Collection Administrator, can restore that item from the Recycle Bin. To restore content, this should be the first place a user should look for items.

Once the site/user Recycle Bin has been checked, if other individuals have permissions to access the same items, ask them to check their Recycle Bin for the deleted item.  Again, one user cannot restore an item from another person's Recycle Bin. 

If the item is not found in any site/user Recycle Bins, contact the Site Collection Administrator and they can check the Site Collection Recycle Bin for the item.

For more information about Recycle Bins and item retention/restore policies see Article 10775 "How long are deleted items restorable in SharePoint?" 

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August 30, 2016