To add articles to a SiteNow page, users can select the Article heading under Add Content. 

 All articles require a title.

Adding an Image

  • Under the Featured Image heading, click the 'Browse' button.
    Featured Image heading and Browse button
  • Select Choose File to select a file that is already stored on your computer.
    • Files must be less than 50MB and must be formatted at png, gif, jpg, jpeg
      Choose File button
  • After selecting the file, click Upload.
  • Click Next.
  • On the next page, enter alternative text and, optionally, title text. 
    Alternative and Title text boxes
  • Click Save to save the image in your article.

Note: The featured image will be the image seen when looking at all articles and will not appear when viewing the full article. Users can insert a separate image into the body of their article.

Once you have typed out your article, you can add tags to provide key words to the related content by separating key words with commas.

 Once the article has been published, users have the opportunity to view, edit, and track revisions.

  • View: Allows the user to view their article.
  • Edit: Allows the user to edit the content and images in the article.
  • Revisions: Allows the user to track difference between multiple versions of the content as well as revert back to older versions.
    • To revert back to a previous version of the article, select the version of the article to revert back to and then click 'Revert' then click 'Revert' again in the next window.

Alternative text is a word or phrase describing an uploaded image. This is used by screen readers, search engines, and when the image cannot be loaded. As accessibility is a priority for University of Iowa websites, it's highly recommended you enter alternative text describing the picture you have included. 

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June 27, 2016