Virtual Desktop supports launching remote applications on most any kind of device, both desktop and mobile.  While it is possible to run Virtual Desktop applications on smaller devices, like an iPhone, the user experience is much better on a tablet device like an iPad.  The following instructions were written for installing Citrix Receiver on iPad but the instructions are fundamentally the same for an iPhone.

Installing and Using the Citrix Receiver for Apple iOS Devices

  1. Download the free Citrix Receiver for iOS app from the Apple App Store.  Search for "Citrix Receiver".

    Citrix Receiver in App Store

  2. After installing Citrix Receiver on your iOS device, launch the app.  The initial start screen is shown.  Tap Add Account.

    Click Add Account

  3. On the New Account screen, enter and tap Next.  (Note the 's' in https://)

    Enter web address of the Virtual Desktop web portal

  4. Citrix Receiver is now connected to the Virtual Desktop service but you need to log in with your HawkID credentials.  Tap the user button as shown if the login screen doesn't appear.

    Click button shown in red to log in

  5. Log in with your HawkID credentials in the form 'domain/Hawkid'.  For example 'iowa\ctxtest'.

    Log in with your HawkID

  6. If you've logged into Virtual Desktop before and added applications to your favorites, those will show up after logging in.  Favorite Applications persist between logins and will follow you to any type of device.

    Favorite Apps will follow you to any device

  7. You may now launch Virtual Desktop applications by simply tapping an icon.  To add more Favorite Applications, tap the + sign on the left.  You may select them from a list or search for them by name or category by tapping the looking-glass button.  

    Add more Favorite Apps from the list or by searching for them

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May 19, 2016