For security reasons, ITS requires using the UI Anywhere VPN when connecting to Virtual Desktop from off campus. For instructions on downloading and installing the VPN client, see the UI Anywhere VPN support center.

Virtual Desktop supports launching remote applications on most any kind of device, both desktop and mobile.  While it is possible to run Virtual Desktop applications on smaller devices, like an Android phone, the user experience is much better on a tablet device like a Google Nexus.  The following instructions were written for installing Citrix Receiver on an Android tablet but the instructions are fundamentally the same for an Android phone.

Installing and Using the Citrix Receiver for Android Devices

  1. Open the Google Play store and search for Citrix Receiver.

    Search for Citrix Receiver in Google Play

  2. You may be asked to accept that Citrix Receiver needs access to various resources and will use your location.  Tap Accept.

    Click Accept

  3. After installing, open Citrix Receiver and tap Set up my enterprise apps at the bottom.

    Tap Set up my enterprise apps

  4. You need to tell Citrix Receiver the location of the Virtual Desktop service.  This is given as a web address:​.  (Note the s in https://).  After entering the address, tap Next.

  5. If you entered the address correctly, Virtual Desktop should appear as shown.  Tap the pencil icon at the right.

    Tap the pencil icon

  6. On the Edit Account screen, set Type to Storefront, enter your username, password and domain for your HawdID in the appropriate fields and tap Update.

    Set type to Storefront and enter credentials

  7. Citrix Receiver is now configured to connect to the Virtual Desktop service using your account.  Any favorites you've previously added on other devices will appear under the Favorites tab.


  8.  To find more applications, tap the Apps tab.  You may select them from a list or search for them to add them to your favorites.

    Add favorites by selecting them from a list or searching

  9. To launch an application, tap the Favorites tab and tap an application icon.
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December 30, 2019