The ITS central FileMaker server is running version 17 of FileMaker Server.


FileMaker Server 17 is compatible with FileMaker Pro 15 - 18 clients only.  

Note:  While FileMaker Pro 15 is technically supported, it will be going End of Life (EOL) on September, 20 2019 and ITS is recommending that FileMaker Pro 15 clients be updated to FileMaker Pro Advanced 17 or 18.

To determine which version of FileMaker you are currently running use the steps below:

On Windows

Select the following:

Help Menu > About FileMaker > Click Info Button

On Mac OS X

Select the following:

FileMaker Menu > About FileMaker > Click Info Button

If you need assistance updating your FileMaker Pro client on an University-managed machine, please contact your local IT support personnel.

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July 28, 2019