OneDrive for Business is part of Office 365 and is available to all faculty, staff, and students for free.

For users who need or want to use a password on a file, the easiest solution is to use WinRAR to zip your files up into a single file and add a password. 

  1. Install WinRAR (download from the ITS Software Download page here)
  2. Start WinRAR and click on "Add".  You can browse to the folder you want to zip, click on Set Password and save as a .zip file
    highlighted - Archive name: Test, Archive format - bubbled ZIP, and set password... button
  3. Upload the file to OneDrive for Business
  4. Share the .zip file with an anonymous link (Get a Link and set as View - not Edit)
  5. Email the password to the user in a separate email
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May 27, 2016