This support article pertains to the SiteNow v1 platform. Click here for SiteNow v2 documentation.

To edit an events content pane:

  1. Go to the page the pane is on and click the 'Customize this page' button at the bottom of the window.
  2. Then on the pane you wish to change, click the gear icon. This will open an overlay with configuration options.


  1. Configure the pane as desired.
    • The 'Override Title' option, when checked, will allow you to enter a title which will override the default title of the pane. This title will display at the top of the content pane (as a header), instead of the default 'Upcoming Events' title. 
    • "Provide a 'more' link" will lead to the events page where all upcoming events are listed.
    • 'Use pager' will split the events into pages, with a certain number per page, that can be scrolled through. For example if you have 9 events and put 3 per page the events will be split over three pages, and there will be links at the bottom of the pane to switch between the pages.
    • 'Num items' allows you to select the number of events you want the pane to display. The pane will not show any more events than that number regardless of how many there are.
    • 'Filter by event type' will only have options available if event types have been added to the site's taxonomy structure. If you select an event type, the pane will only show events of that type.
    • 'Filter by promoted to front' will only show events which have been promoted to the front page. This can be done when the article is created or by going to the event page and editing it (check the 'Promoted to Front Page' box under 'Publishing Options' at the bottom). 
  2. Finally, click 'Finish' to save your changes. 
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October 8, 2019