All University of Iowa-owned portable computers (laptops, tablets, and external storage) will be encrypted by Dec. 31, 2015. This change helps to protect sensitive data if devices are lost, damaged, or stolen, and is an important step in our information security efforts.  

  • Anyone who has a UI-owned laptop or tablet computer will be contacted by IT support staff to initiate the encryption process.
  • Storing highly sensitive (Level III) data on your portable computer is a significant risk. If you do, please contact your local IT support person right away to be moved up their encryption priority list.
  • Once the encryption is complete, you will not notice any difference in the functionality or performance of your computer. (At login, the disk is decrypted in order to operate.)
  • We strongly recommend that you do not turn on the encryption manually. Please let IT support staff assist to ensure that your data can be recovered in the event of a device malfunction or forgotten password.
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May 19, 2016