1. Log in to JAMF Pro server (https://casper.uiowa.edu:8443/) using your TechID.

  2. Once logged in, make sure you are in the “site” view  by the pull down list in the top center of the window (whichever site you are an admin and the workstation is in) .


  3. Verify user identity via normal procedures.
  4. If you/user knows the name of the workstation (ITS puts labels on the exterior of computers) you can click on the Computers button on the top. Otherwise you can search for the user by name.
  5. When searching by name, put an asterisk (*) at the beginning and end of the name for wildcards so it finds all variations of the name.



  6. Once the desired user is found you can click on their name to view devices they use. Select the Computers link on the left for a list of computers.


  7. Once you find the computer click on it for more detail. Choose the Inventory link at the top (if it's not already selected). There will be a Disk Encryption link in the left pane. In that section, click the Show Key button on the right to see the Recovery Key.


  8. The user can use this key to unlock the encrypted Mac. The machine will boot normally to the login window where the user or administrator can log into the machine.
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May 2, 2023