Getting started with Two-Step Login

We recommend using push notifications with the Duo Mobile app on a mobile phone or tablet as your primary Two-Step Login method:

  1. Download the Duo Mobile app on your phone or tablet.
  2. Log in to the Account Center with your HawkID and password to set up and manage your Two-Step Login account.
  3. Follow the instructions to add your phone or tablet and set up Duo Mobile.

From the Account Center, you also can enroll another device or phone number as a backup method, generate backup codes, and more. See detailed instructions in this support article on how to manage your Two-Step profile and devices.

Follow the instructions below to set up and enroll in Two-Step Login for the first time or watch a how-to video below

Log into the Account Center with your HawkID and password.

If you're new to Two-Step Login, you'll see an information screen. Click "Set up Two-Step Login" to proceed.


Screen shot showing Two-Step Login enrollment info


Next you'll add the device or phone number you'd like to use to authenticate your logins—choose the option you prefer from the "Type" dropdown. We recommend using a mobile phone or tablet with the Duo Mobile app as your primary authentication method.

Screen shot showing device-add options


To add a mobile phone/tablet:

1. Enter a descriptive label for your device.

Screen shot showing device-label field


2. Enter your phone number if you like (you won’t need it if using the Duo Mobile app). Click “Continue.”

Screenshot showing phone number field


3. Follow instructions for setting up Duo Mobile. If you haven’t already installed the app on your device, install it now.

4. Open the Duo Mobile app and scan the QR code. (If you are working from the same mobile device you want to add, click the “Add Duo Account” button.)

example of QR code for Duo enrollment

Screen shot of set up on mobile phone

5. Duo Mobile will create an account for your University of Iowa logins.

Screenshot showing University of Iowa account info


6. Click “Verify Duo Push” to send a push notification to Duo Mobile on the device you’re adding. Open Duo Mobile and click the green “Approve” button.

Screenshot showing login approval options


7. You’re now enrolled in Two-Step Login. You’ll use your device and the Duo Mobile app to verify your logins.

To add a landline phone number:

1. Enter a descriptive label for your phone number (for example, “home phone”).

2. Enter your phone number. Click “Continue.”

3. Click “Verify Phone Call.” Answer the call at the number you’ve provided and follow the voice prompts.

4. You’re now enrolled in Two-Step Login. You’ll verify your logins using calls to the number you’ve added.


How-to video for first-time Duo Mobile setup:

Watch the video below to see how to enroll your device for use with the Duo Mobile app.



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Last updated: 
October 21, 2022