Two-Step Login using the Duo Mobile app is the most effective way to use Two-Step login while traveling.

If you know you won't have access to cellular or wireless service while traveling, generate a list of backup codes from the Two-Step Login account page before you leave. Print them or save them to a file on your computer and refer to them when logging in during your travel.  NOTE: You will not be able to access the Two-Step Login account page remotely, so you need to use this option prior to your travel. If you do not intend to take a phone with you while traveling, this is the option to use.

1. Log into the Account Center.


2. Look for “Backup Codes” on the main Two-Step Login with Duo page. Click “Generate Codes.”

Screenshot of code options


3. Confirm you want to generate a new set of codes (it will invalidate any previous set).

Screenshot of dialog box

4. You’ll see a set of 10 codes. Screenshot, copy, or write down the codes.

Screenshot of code set

5. Click “Cancel” when finished or “Generate Codes” to create a new set.

The codes you’ve generated will work only with your HawkID and password. To use them, choose “Enter a Passcode” as your authentication method when completing a login. Enter any code from your set—each can be used just once.

If you own a smartphone, download and use the Duo Mobile app on your phone, and use the "Duo Push" option to complete the second step of your login. The mobile app works using either a cellular or a wireless connection from anywhere in the world. Follow these instructions to install and set up the Duo Mobile app

  • The mobile app will generate a one-time-use passcode directly when you tap the green key symbol in the app (shown below on the right), even when your phone does NOT have cellular or wireless service in your location. Enter the passcode displayed in the app on the two-step login screen.

screenshot of duo passcode


    get codes in text message

    1. If you already have the Duo Mobile app installed, you can still use it through cellular or wireless service without updating your phone number on your account.
    2. The Two-Step Login service can't text or call most international numbers (it works with Canadian numbers). We recommend using the Duo Mobile app. 

    Duo Mobile and other authentication methods do work in China but there are considerations to be aware of depending on which mobile operating system is being used. Please visit the Duo support site for the most up-to-date information on using Duo Two-Step authentication in China.

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    April 13, 2023