University of Iowa Health Care employees are required to use Two-Step Login when logging in to the Health Care Information Systems (HCIS) remote desktop services.

You can access the system using the Duo Mobile app or phone call, just as you do with Employee Self-Service and other UI web applications. But access to health care systems requires a separate account, and the setup process is slightly different.

You’ll select your Two-Step Login secondary device when using a computer to log in to HCIS remote desktop at

Once you enter your HealthCare ID and password, click “Start setup.” Select your preferred Two-Step Login device and method: mobile phone (Duo Mobile push notification), landline (phone call), or tablet (Duo Mobile push notification).

Review complete setup instructions (PDF). If you use the Duo Mobile app to log in to UI and UI Health Care accounts, your account list will look something like this:

Smartphone screenshot showing account list
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May 31, 2017