OneDrive for Business now allows users to sync SharePoint and other Shared Libraries within OneDrive.

  1. Open a web browser
  2. Login to with your
  3. Select OneDrive
  4. Click on one of your Shared Libraries
  5. Select "Add Shortcut to My files" at the top
  6. Select My files at the top left
  7. You should now see a folder with a link on it called "Documents - name of shared library"
  8. Open the folder
  9. The "sync" button at the top of the menu page will now appear
  10. Click on sync
  11. To get to your locally synced documents, go to "Computer" or "File Explorer"
  12. Your folder will now appear on your local computer under "University of Iowa"


You will now have two University of Iowa folders.  One will say "OneDrive - University of Iowa" and the other will say "University of Iowa". 

  • Your OneDrive for Business files will be in the folder called "OneDrive - University of Iowa". 
  • All Sharepoint Online and Shared Library documents will show up in the folder called "University of Iowa". 
  • You may get an error in your OneDrive sync client that tells you that the URL cannot by synced.  Hit "ok" and move on.
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December 8, 2020