The University Classrooms and many other places on campus utilize a very similar set of user interfaces to interact with the audio/ video equipment. While each location will vary due to the equipment installed and the specifics of the room they all have the same functionality in mind. 

Below are some examples of different room control panel interfaces and the basic functionality of how to use each one.


Extron Push Button Interface













This is an example of the Extron Push Button Control Panel Interface. In most rooms this is located on top of the podium or may be located on the wall. The push buttons are also indicator lights. This gives you the ability to know what source is selected and what the current system status is. Each room the buttons will vary dependent on what is installed. 

Button Options
  • ON/ OFF- When pressed these buttons will flash for 45-90 seconds dependent on the type of projector equipment in the room. This allows for the projector the appropriate time to cool to ensure the longest service life. Once the system is fully ready to be used the ON light will be a solid light.
  • PIC MUTE- When pressed this will turn red and flash. This is used when an instructor wishes to prevent the image from the A/V system from displaying without turning the system off. When enabled the projector will stay on but no image will be projected.
  • VOLUME CONTROL KNOB- This is a rotary style knob that is paired with indicator lights. The lights will show the system volume for the room.
  • PC- This source is the default display for each system. A Windows PC is supplied to each University Classroom for classroom instruction.
  • MAC- Select classrooms have a Macintosh computer available for classroom instruction. When selected this may be used in conjunction or in lieu of the Windows PC.
  • AUX- This button allows for utilization of the auxiliary jacks located on the front panel of the room podium. 
  • LAPTOP/ VGA- For a personal device that would be connected via the in room VGA cable the LAPTOP or VGA labeled button would be selected.
  • HDMI- For a personal device that would be connected via the in room HDMI cable the HDMI labeled button would be selected.
  • DVD/ BLURAY- Dependent on the room system either a DVD or Blu-ray player will generally be installed in each classroom. Selecting the DVD or BLURAY button will change to the in room player. Additional buttons may be available for the in room player via an additional control interface. Most classrooms also keep the player remote control located within the microphone drawer of the room.
  • DOC CAM- The document camera source is available in most classrooms. When selected the document camera will power on and be shown on the in room displays.
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September 28, 2021