Mathematica is funded by the majority using departments.

Campus Machine Use

Faculty and staff in the College of Engineering and the College of Liberal Arts: Please contact your local IT support person to obtain access to your college network tool. 

For all other users: Please contact the ITS Software Office to request a license.

Home Use

For home use, Mathematica is available through Virtual Desktop.

If you obtain a campus license, you can also get a home use copy at no cost. You must have a licensed copy on campus to obtain a home use install. One copy per person. You will get information about this once you request your campus copy.

For home use, Mathematica is available to all students through Virtual Desktop.

Engineering students should use the Engineering Virtual Desktop to access Mathematica.

Students can also request a Mathematica copy for install on one personal system at no cost. Request your home use copy by completing the Mathematica vendor form below. Note: Approval is needed. Allow up to one working day for approval.

1.  Create an account (Student Use Only)
   (a) Go to and click "Create Account."
   (b) Fill out form using a email and be sure your first and last names are listed with the first letters capitalized (not all lower case or all upper case), then click "Create Wolfram ID."
   (c) Check your email and click the link to validate your Wolfram ID.

2.  Request the download and key:
   (a) Fill out this form to request an Activation Key:
   (b) Click the "Product Summary page" link to access your license.
   (c) Click "Get Downloads" and select "Download" next to your platform.
   (d) Run the installer on your machine, and enter Activation Key at prompt.

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November 16, 2023