The following is a list of probable causes for the Video projector not turning on.

These suggestions are generic since the control system may vary from room to room or building to building.

System must be turned on and a source must be selected.

Once the system is warmed up, select the source you want to project.

    Push button system- push the “ON” button and it will begin to flash while warming up.
    Touch Screen- touch the screen to activate the system.

Make sure equipment you are using is turned on. Make sure the system is not muted or in No Show mode. Projectors fan will be running and a faint light may be seen from the lens.

  • EXTRON- 
    Push button system- AV Mute button will be red and maybe flashing.
    Touch Screen- Show/No Show or Proj Mute button may be activated.

Switch sources and then switch back.

  • If PC is the source selected, switch to DVD (make sure DVD is turned on, DVD logo should be displayed), wait a few seconds and switch back to PC.

Shut down the system and restart.

  • Systems that are inactive for a period of time will shut down and cause the projector to be out of sync with the system.

The projectors bulb is burnt out.

  • EXTRON- 
    Push buttons ystem- if the “ON” light flashes then back to “OFF”.

The ‘Temp” light on the projector is on.

  • The projector has overheated and will need a manual reset. Unplug the projectors electrical cord for about 5 seconds the plug it back in. Restart the system if system is turned off. Manually push the power button on the projector if the system is already turned on.


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May 25, 2016