How to Add Time to a Task

  1. Click the My Work tab at the top or click the Menu tab and choose My Work   
  2. Click My Time Card in the left hand navigation pane, this will take you to the current week’s timesheet in the My Work app
  3. Click on the green + sign next to the task you need to add time to
  4. A pop up window will appear, prompting you to input a time type, amount of time for that task, and description of the work done
    • Time Type - Pick the appropriate time type, if a default is not shown
    • Time - Enter the time for that task in the hours field for each day
    • Description - Give a description of work done 
  5. Click the green Save button

Pop up window to choose time type
Add time entry form with the time type, day/time worked, and description of work done filled out


How to Add Time to a Project When You're Not on a Task

  1. Go to My Work
  2. Go to My Time Card
  3. Click the Add Time button at the top    
  4. This will open the Add Time Entry window
  5. Click the drop-down arrow and select the project
  6. Click the drop-down arrow and select the Time Type if there is not a default provided
  7. Enter the time in the Hours field for each day
  8. Add additional comments in the Description for that day, if desired and click Save

Shows the necessary fields to fill out when adding time for a project when you're not on a task
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August 14, 2019