Inactive Teams and Groups can accumulate and become a burden to resources over time. To prevent this from happening, ITS has implemented an expiration policy for inactive Teams and Groups.  This article will explain the expiration policy and provide you with information regarding renewal.

What is the ITS expiration policy for Teams and Groups?

  • Teams and Groups with no activity (visits, new/edited files, chats, etc.) for 400 consecutive days are flagged as inactive.
  • Teams and Groups flagged as inactive are staged for auto-deletion
  • Group and Team owners will be notified 30 days, 15 days and 1 day before the team's expiration date (as shown below).
  • If the Team or Group is not renewed before expiration, it will be deleted. Teams can be recovered within 30 days. After 30 days, deleted Teams and Groups are permanently deleted and cannot be restored.
  • The ITS expiration period of 400 days begins at the creation of the Team or Group, or the date it was last renewed.


Example of expiration notice


How do I renew my Team?

  • When the team owner receives the expiration notification, they can click Renew now in the team settings to renew the team (as shown below).


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October 27, 2023