In response to COVID-19-related campus closures, drive-up wireless service lets students, faculty, and staff access high-speed internet without entering campus buildings.

University of Iowa Drive-up WiFi Locations 

Drive-up wireless service is available at parking lots across campus. To access these networks, connect to the eduroam network and log in by entering and your HawkID password.

  • No parking permit required for WiFi use.
  • Please stay in or near your vehicle
  • If parked at a meter or in a chashiered facility, parking charges will apply.

Library Lot (Lot 3)

Library Lot diagram

Hancher South Lot (Lot 55)

  • Hancher South Lot Google Maps address
  • The wireless access point is indicated by the blue dot on the map below and can be accessed within a 250-foot radius. Coverage is best at the south end of the lot and may not be as strong close to Hancher.

Hancher lot wireless accesspoint

Hawkeye Commuter Lot (Lot 85) and Hawkeye Storage (Lot 39)

Hawkeye commuter lot access point

Myrtle Avenue Lot (Lot 48)

Myrtle lot access point

Oakdale Lots

Multi-Tenant Facility (MTF)

MTF  wireless access point

Biomedical Research Support Facility (BRSF)

  • 2292 Old Farmstead Road, Coralville
  • BRSF Google Maps address
  • The wireless access point is located in the south parking lot.

BRSF wireless access point

Community, Off-Campus Drive-Up Locations

The following off-campus locations also offer wireless access outside their buildings:

Note that the eduroam network is not available at these off-campus locations. Use each location's local wifi network.

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August 18, 2020