LSS Shares are accessible by mounting them on your computer on campus or off campus while connected to the UI VPN.

How to mount an LSS share on your computer


  1. Map network drive, use the server and path provided when your share was configured. This is generally "\\<specific hostname>\<name of your share>"


  1. Bring up the "Connect to Server" dialog, either by selecting "Connect to Server..." from the "Go" menu in the Finder or by pressing CMD + K.
  2. Enter the server and path provided when your share was configured:
    • "smb://<specific hostname><name of your share>"
  3. Click the "Connect" button.


This varies by distribution but is generally similar to these instructions:

The server and path to your share were provided when it was configured, generally they are of the format "<specific hostname><name of your share>"
All methods will require you to authenticate with your HawkID and associated password.

Once you have mounted the share it will appear as a drive or folder in applications.

Access control for the share is done with Active Directory groups. File and directory permissions of the root level share are managed by ITS-Research Services. Share owners can view and modify the users who are members of their share groups using the Access Management site. Additional support documents are available for viewing and modifying group members and delegating management of groups.

If you are encountering problems mounting your LSS share, contact for assistance.

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May 20, 2022