Following are the prerequisites for using the RemoteAdmin Service and instructions for how to get connected from Mac, PC and the RDS Web Client. Please note the domainname of the new RemoteAdmin service with Windows Server 2019 differs from the old RemoteAdmin service with Windows Server 2012R2.  Details are provided in the instructions to setup a connection, linked below.


  • You will need to request an account to access RemoteAdmin if you don't already have access.  All users who have access to the old RemoteAdmin service are already enabled for access to the new RemoteAdmin service.  If you haven't connected to RemoteAdmin before, there is a workflow to request access:  https://workflow.uiowa.edu/form/remoteadmin
  • Duo authentication is now required to connect to RemoteAdmin.  If you use an account other than your HawkID to connect to RemoteAdmin AND you do not yet have it set up to use DUO authentication, log into your Duo Configuration page and see the section "Two Step Aliases" on the lower right side.  You can enable DUO for your AdminID there.  If your AdminID doesn't show up there, you can contact the Identity and Access Management team at its-iam@uiowa.edu to set up your AdminID or other non-HawkID account to be able to use DUO authentication.
  • A VPN connection is required to connect to RemoteAdmin when connecting from off campus.  You will need the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client.  For more information, click here:  https://its.uiowa.edu/vpn

Connection Instructions

Windows 10/11:    For instructions, click here.

mstsc.exe not allowed

NOTE:  The old method of typing a Server Name in the Remote Desktop Connection client that is built into Windows no longer works with RemoteAdmin.  Instead, a connection needs to be configured in the RemoteApp and Remote Desktop Connections Control Panel applet in Windows.  The old method will result in a connection error.

Mac OS X:  You will need the Microsoft Remote Desktop Client for Mac OS X.  For instructions, click here.

Remote Desktop Web Client:  The web client is HTML5 based and works on any OS that can run an HTML5 capable browser.  It is intended for easy, occasional connection to RemoteAdmin with no prior setup. For instructions, click here.


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November 27, 2023