The Zoom Pro integration that is in every ICON course site allows instructors to schedule and host Zoom meetings from the navigation menu of their course. Scheduling a Zoom meeting within your ICON course site will allow your students to see upcoming and previously scheduled meetings in the ICON-Zoom integration.

The ICON-Zoom integration will also send meeting notifications to your students and place the meeting schedule in your ICON Course Calendars.

If you want to start a Zoom meeting to create a recording without inviting your students to the session, start from the Zoom website instead.

Scheduling a meeting

The ICON-Zoom Integration is available in the Course Navigation menu in all ICON Course Sites.

1. Click Zoom in the left navigation menu to open the Zoom integration. This tool will give you access to view or begin scheduling a new meeting for your ICON course.

2. To schedule a new meeting, click the Schedule a New Meeting button.












3. Set the Time and Date(s) for your meeting.

4. Set any options that you need to include in your meeting, these options can range from a passcode, automatic recording options, and waiting rooms.

5. If you would like anyone else to be able to start the meetings, you are able to add them to the list of Alternative Hosts. Alternative hosts will also join the meeting in the co-host role. The co-host role will give them the ability to manage participants, help with waiting rooms, and a few other options.
Read more for information about the roles available in your meetings.
Read more about the controls available to the host and co-hosts in meetings.

NOTE:  Any Zoom meeting can only have a single Host. The co-host role can be assigned during meeting sessions.

6. After setting any meeting options and alternative hosts for your session, click Save. You will see Zoom Meetings scheduled in ICON also in the Zoom web portal.
































7. Save your meeting to create a new meeting in Zoom and to add a calendar event to your ICON course calendar.

Optional - After your meeting has been saved, you can create polls to run during your meeting.




Breakout rooms

Breakout rooms for this meeting can not be set up in advance through the ICON integration. Breakout rooms can be set up in advance from the Zoom web portal.










Note: If you do not see this option, you can enable Breakout Rooms in the Advanced Meeting Settings in your Zoom Profile.








Mapped/Combined Courses

If you have an ICON Course site that has been combined with many sections, be aware that Zoom meetings created using the ICON-Zoom integration will be visible to all students in the entire course. Likewise, notifications of meeting creations and cancellations in the ICON integration will be sent out to all students in the entire course.

Creating section only Zoom Meetings

In order to create a Zoom Meeting that will only be accessible to a specific section, you must start in the Zoom web portal to create the meeting. Then create an assignment or announcement to distribute the meeting to only the sections you would like the notification to go to. Assignments can be included in a course’s Modules list.

  • Sending an assignment to specific sections: Guide
  • Sending an announcement to specific sections: Guide

1. Schedule a meeting in the Zoom web portal. Save the invitation link for step 3.

2. Log into ICON and navigate to your course site.

3. Create a new Assignment and set the parameters as follows:

  • Set your title
  • Paste the link from step 1 into the Description area
  • Set the points to zero
  • Select the option for Do not count this assignment toward the final grade
  • Set the Submission Type to No Submission
  • Remove Everyone from the Assign To field
  • Add the appropriate section(s) for this Zoom meeting
  • Click Save or Save & Publish

Deleting Meetings

When you schedule meetings in the ICON-Zoom integration a calendar event is also created. If you need to delete a Zoom session, be sure to delete both in Zoom and the course calendar.

If you created (or linked) a Zoom meeting to your course using the ICON integration with Zoom, you will need to delete both the meeting in Zoom as well as the course calendar.
Deleting Zoom meeting from:


ICON Course Calendar
  • Meeting still exists in Zoom
  • Meeting still listed in the Zoom-ICON integration

No cancellation notice sent to class


Zoom Web Portal (
  • Meeting Removed from Zoom completely
  • Broken link to the meeting will be left in the course calendar
Notification of cancellation sent to class
Zoom- ICON Integration
  • Meeting Removed from Zoom completely
  • Broken link to the meeting will be left in the course calendar
Notification of cancellation sent to class



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January 3, 2024