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AWS Academy

AWS Academy (formerly AWS Educate) is a program that allows educators to leverage AWS in a classroom. The program comes in two flavors:

Learning Labs

Learning Labs allow instructors to provide their students with $100 in AWS credit per student for the duration of the course. Students are not required to provide any credit card information, and the instructor does not need to fund the costs. It is provided by Amazon for the purposes of instruction. Once the $100 runs out, there is not a mechanism to refill the balance. Learner Labs are the most flexible option, as they do not tie the course to any pre-determined syllabus. Instructors are free to use any of the supported services in Learner Labs and build their own course around the program.

Guided Courses

There are currently 6 guided courses that are pre-built by Amazon with the goal of providing associate-level certification at the end of the program. Teaching these programs requires accreditation. If you are interested in these programs, please reach out to us.

Getting Started

The Cloud Team will need to invite you to AWS Academy under our institutional enrollment. Before we can invite you to the platform, we ask that you meet with both the Cloud Team and your local IT staff member(s) to discuss what your course will entail. It may well be that AWS Academy isn't a good fit and that we need to explore using a commercial AWS account. The Cloud Team and your local IT staff will be able to help guide you through this process. Please reach out to us and your local IT staff to schedule a chat.

More Information

Additional info can be found at the AWS Academy website.

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August 17, 2022