1. HTML 5 web browser or VMware Horizon Client from

  2. Duo setup and linked to your _gov account (MFA is required to sign into VDI) - to do this, login to with your HawkID and enable your hawkid_gov account under "Two-Step Aliases"​​​

  3. hawkid_gov account assigned, activated and added to the GCCH license


First Time VDI Setup:

  1. Open Horizon Client or go to in a browser and click on HTML access

  2. Log into VDI by entering your hawkid_gov id, password and Duo option

  3. Select the GCCH machine instance and double click. You can also right click on this icon to change the default screen size or video stream encoding technology.

  4. Once the VDI machine finishes the login – Teams will start automatically. Login to Teams as shown below. Please note that your ID for all of the Microsoft logins is <HawkID> Make sure to use and not

  5. You will then need to supply your _gov password.
  6. You will then be prompted for your Microsoft Authenticator Code.
  7. You are now signed into Teams. You will now be prompted to maintain the login and allow systems management. Please accept the default and click OK.

  8. Please launch OneDrive and sign into it next. OneDrive is your primary storage in the GCCH environment. OneDrive also stores your Desktop and Documents folders.

  9. After OneDrive, please open Outlook and sign in. Please remember to use your address.
  10. Once you have signed in you will be prompted for the type of account. Please select “”.
  11. Once Outlook comes up, it will pass sign in information to rest of the Office products automatically. You can verify this by opening Word or Excel or Powerpoint and verifying that you are signed in.
  12. You are done and ready to go. Generally, you will not need to repeat these logins on each login but at various times one or more applications my want you to sign in again.
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February 29, 2024